Master's Library

About MCS library

The Library at Master's in Peterborough offers a collection of over 34,000 books, plus e-books and e-journals. Pre-1984 volumes are accessible by request as they are in storage; 1984 and later volumes are shelved available for browsing.

The library offers various services designed to assist students and faculty in study and research. Students are encouraged to use the Online Catalogue to locate materials and create a list of desired resources. Students should then send the bookmarked list request, first to their own email addresses, and then forward that email to the Director of Learning Resource’s.

For Distant Education / Online Students

When you want to borrow books, simply email the bookmarked list of titles, first to yourself and then forward that email to the Director of Learning Resources. Do not use the “Request” button on the Library Catalogue web pages.

Books can be mailed out, with one-way postage paid by the college and one-way return postage paid by the student.

Click on the link to Online Catalogue (in the menu to the right of this screen). Click on the Search tab. Type in your key word/topic. Within the title, click Add item. Scroll down and email this item to your email addres if you'd like to request it, then forward this request to Nancy Warwick.

Library Orientation

Library orientation to E books, ATLA Religion Database, Religion and Philosophy E-Journal Database, EasyBib, and the use of the public catalogue are posted on D2L/library tabs. Students with logins may view tutorials and pdf research files on D2L. Additional information is available by emailing requests to Nancy Warwick.

Ask for help

If you need advice on where to search for a specific essay topic, please email Nancy Warwick, Director of Learning Resources to ask for assistance.

Your suggestions to improve library service or to purchase a new book title of interest are always welcome.

Library staff and volunteers are always willing to lend a helpful hand!