Bachelor of Theology (Campus) (Children’s Ministry)


4 Years / 126 Credit Hours

This four-year degree is a comprehensive program of training for ministry, with courses in theology, Bible, practical ministry and general studies.  In addition to acquiring a solid biblical and theological foundation, you will also develop the practical ministry and leadership skills essential to effectively give leadership to a family-based children’s ministry.

Highlights of the Bachelor of Theology (Children)

  • Experience the innovative educational approach of the FIRST YEAR program in your foundational year.
  • Dig deeply into theology, Bible and practical ministry courses as your program progresses.
  • Participate in four program-specific courses designed to build your knowledge and skills as a family ministries specialist.**
  • Attend the Children’s Ministries Conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and learn from North American experts in children and family ministry.
  • Practice your ministry skills with guidance from a pastor/mentor in a twelve-week internship in your last semester.
  • Get connected with local Pentecostal pastors, leaders from our districts, and our excellent faculty.
  • Graduate with the educational requirements you need to qualify for licensed ministerial credentials with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC).

Course Requirements

1st Semester
Spiritual Integration 3
Bible 101 3
Pentateuch 3
Canadian Society & Evangelism 3
Interpreting the Bible 3
Connections I 1
Roots I CR
1st Semester – Total 16
2nd Semester
Cross-Cultural Studies 3
Jesus and the Gospels 3
Foundations of Theology 3
Family, Church & Society 3
Communicating through Teaching 3
Connections II 1
Roots II CR
2nd Semester – Total 16
3rd Semester
Hebrew History 3
TBD (To Be Determined) 3
Church History 3
World Religions 3
Foundations for Learning 3
Connections III 1
Field Education I – Community Ministry CR
3rd Semester – Total 16
4th Semester
Pauline Literature 3
Holy Spirit: Pentecostal Perspective 3
Strategic Ministry 3
Understanding Human Behaviour 3
Homiletics 3
Connections IV 1
Field Education II – Community Ministry CR
4th Semester – Total 16
5th Semester
Christology 3
Using Biblical Greek 3
History of Pentecostalism 3
Pastoral Theology 3
Developing Children’s Ministry Environments 3
Connections V 1
Field Education III – Church Ministry CR
5th Semester – Total 16
6th Semester
Hebrew Prophets 3
The Church & its Future 3
Ethics 3
Administering the Local Church 3
Children’s Ministry Workshop 3
Connections VI 1
Field Education IV – Church Ministry CR
6th Semester – Total 16
7th Semester
Soteriology 3
Philosophical Foundations 3
Faith Formation & Development 3
Bible Elective 3
Elective 3
7th Semester – Total 15
8th Semester
B.Th. Internship: Administration 3
B.Th. Internship: Personal Development 3
B.Th. Internship: Programing 3
B.Th. Internship: Communication 3
B.Th. Internship: Capstone 3
8th Semester – Total 15