Financing Your Education

Recognizing that attending a post-secondary institution is one of the most important and significant investments that you will make, Master’s is committed to providing you with the necessary information and resources to assist you in making your education as affordable as possible. The following links provide various sources that you should consider as you develop a plan to fund your education. Details regarding the cost of attending Master’s, various options you have for paying your fees, as well as our refund policies, will assist you as you develop your plan.

Contact Donna Haug, our Interim Financial Aid Officer, by email or phone (1-800-295-6368) and she will gladly assist you with any inquiries you have regarding Canada Student Loans, Scholarships/Awards or any external financial aid sources.

Contact Ben Cochrane or Julie Sejrup by email or phone (1-800-295-6368) and they will assist you with any other information regarding finances (e.g. Current Fees, Tuition Discounts or Payment Options).