Refund Policies

Tuition Refund Policy

Tuition refunds are provided to students within the first four weeks of the semester, providing a Drop/Add Form is submitted to the Registrar’s Office. A full refund is provided up to the end of the week one; a 75% refund is provided up to end of week two and a 50% refund is provided in weeks three and four. No refund is provided after week four. For students who have a Canada Student Loan, any eligible refund will be submitted to the National Student Loans Service Centre rather than the student. A Drop/Add fee applies to all courses dropped after the start of courses. Courses will usually be deleted from students’ schedule if they qualify to receive a 100% refund. The rebate is processed effective from the date the Registrar’s Office receives the written notice of withdrawalStudents are responsible to check their own schedules for accuracy. They may be held responsible for any associated costs that occur for any errors that are not corrected.

Room and Board Refund Policy

Students who withdraw from residence within the first two weeks of the start of a semester will receive a pro-rated refund on both room and board. After two weeks, students who voluntarily withdraw or are dismissed (i.e. disciplinary sanction) are not eligible to receive any refund on their room fee and will be given a pro-rated board refund, less a 10% administrative fee on the board portion.