Ministerial Diploma (Campus)


3 Years / 102 Credit Hours

This is the traditional three-year program of ministerial preparation offered by the College since its founding.  Studies in Bible and theology, and overview courses in practical Christian education, missions, homiletics and evangelism will prepare you for general pastoral ministry.

This program meets the educational requirements for licensed minister credentials with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC).

Highlights of the Ministerial Diploma

  • Experience the innovative educational approach of the FIRST YEAR program in your foundational year.
  • Add two additional years of theology, Bible and practical ministry courses.
  • Select up to four electives according to your interests.
  • Practice your ministry skills with guidance from a pastor/mentor in an eight-week summer internship between your second and third years.
  • Get connected with local Pentecostal pastors, leaders from our districts, and our excellent faculty.

Graduate with the educational requirements you need to qualify for licensed ministerial credentials with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC).

Course Requirements

1st Semester
Spiritual Integration 3
Bible 101 3
Pentateuch 3
Canadian Society & Evangelism 3
Interpreting the Bible 3
Connections I 1
Roots I CR
1st Semester – Total 16
2nd Semester
Cross-Cultural Studies 3
Jesus in the Gospels 3
Family, Church & Society 3
God, Humans & Creation 3
Communicating through Teaching 3
Connections II 1
Roots II CR
2nd Semester – Total 16
3rd Semester
Hebrew History 3
Church History 3
TBD (To Be Determined) 3
World Religions 3
Strategic Ministry 3
Pastoral Theology 3
Connections III 1
Field Education I CR
3rd Semester – Total 16
4th Semester
Pauline Literature 3
Holy Spirit: Pentecostal Perspective 3
Strategic Ministry 3
Homiletics 3
Understanding Human Behaviour 3
Connections IV 1
Field Education II CR
4th Semester – Total 16
Diploma Summer Internship 9
5th Semester
Christology 3
Soteriology 3
History of Pentecostalism 3
Bible Elective 3
Elective 3
Connections V 1
Field Education III CR
5th Semester – Total 16
6th Semester
The Church & Its Future 3
Ethics 3
Administering the Local Church 3
Elective 3
Elective 3
Connections VI 1
Field Education IV CR
6th Semester – Total 16