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To officially Drop or Add a course or to change Course Sections after submitting a Course Registration Form, students must submit a Drop/Add Form. Students at the Peterborough campus cannot Add courses to their schedule after the Drop/Add period, (i.e. the first week of classes). Students who are studying via Distance Education can only Add courses to their schedule as long as the Course Registration Form is available, unless they have permission from the Registrar’s Office. A grade of WNP (Withdrawal No Academic Penalty) is assigned to courses that are officially dropped within the first four weeks. For courses that are dropped in weeks five to eight, a grade of WF (Withdrawal Failure) is assigned. Courses dropped after week eight will be assigned a grade of F (Failure). A grade of WF or F will negatively affect a student’s GPA.

Tuition refunds are provided to students, according to the following schedule, providing a Drop/Add Form is submitted to the Registrar’s Office. Courses will be deleted from students’ schedule if they qualify to receive a 100% refund. The rebate is processed effective from the date the Registrar’s Office receives the written notice of withdrawal.

Students are responsible to check their own schedules for accuracy. If there are any errors that are not corrected within the Drop/Add period, students may be held responsible for any associated costs.

Fall 2017 Semester

To Sept 10 100%
Sept 11 – Sept 15 100% (Less a $25.00 Drop/ Add Fee)
Sept 16 – Sept 22 75% (Less a $25.00 Drop/ Add Fee)
Sept 23 – Oct 6 50% (Less a $25.00 Drop/ Add Fee)
After Oct 6 No Refund

Winter 2018 Semester

To Jan 14 100%
Jan 15 – Jan 19 100% (Less a $25.00 Drop/ Add Fee)
Jan 20 – Jan 26 75% (Less a $25.00 Drop/ Add Fee)
Jan 27 – Feb 9 50% (Less a $25.00 Drop/ Add Fee)
After Feb 9 No Refund

Summer 2017 Semester

To April 24 100%
April 25 – May 11 75% (Less a $25.00 Drop/ Add Fee)
May 12 – 18 50% (Less a $25.00 Drop/ Add Fee)
After May 18 No Refund


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Students cannot officially ADD or DROP a course unless they submit this Drop/Add Form.

Thank you for using the Online Drop/Add Form. If you do not receive confirmation of your course changes within five business days, please contact Donna Haug