FAQ – Distance Education

Distance Education

FAQ for Distance Education

Can I see inside a course?

You can take a course tour from the college website: http://www.mcs.edu/distance-education/online-course-tour/

Do I need any special computer software to access Master’s online courses?

No. Just a browser, such as Internet Explorer, an email account and Internet access—the faster the better. We send you a login and password. You sign in and get started.

Do I need to be online at the same time as everyone else?

No. However there is opportunity to interact with your classmates and instructor(s).

Do I need to start my courses at the same time as everyone else?

Yes. Our courses follow a 12-week college semester in the Fall and Winter (beginning in September and January) or 6-week sessions from May to July. We’ve found being in a course together and moving along with the same schedule as everyone else helps you complete your online courses on time.   Plus you get the benefit of having a group of classmates to help you through!

How do I access DE Site courses?

Visit the DE Site page and see listings for courses happening at various DE sites. Also consult the online registration for similar information.

How do I check if I have the right computer settings?

When you click on the Desire2Learn login page, click on the “Systems Check” button before you log in. Your computer will be checked for an appropriate and compatible browser and operating system.

How do I find out about upcoming DE courses?

Visit the “DE Courses” page to see what courses are coming up in the next semester.

How do I log on to Desire2Learn [online course system]?

You will find the link to the Desire2Learn login page in the dropdown menu of the DE tab.

How do I register for a course?

If you are interested in a program, you’ll need to complete a Regular Application form. If you just want to take one or two courses, you can fill out an “Occasional Student Application” form. To access these forms, click on the Admissions link at www.mcs.edu and look under “Apply Now.” Once you’ve received notice of your acceptance, you can select and register for your courses online.

How do I register for DE courses?

Visit our MCS website. Notices will be posted on the banner regarding when course registration will be available. Usually course registration for Fall semester begins in August, for Winter semester in November and for Summer semester in April.

How many courses can I sign up for?

If you’re just getting started with us, and especially if you’re working full-time, we recommend that you begin with one or two courses each semester. If you have the time, you can study full-time online, taking four or possibly five courses each semester.

How much do online courses cost?

You can find the tuition cost under Tuition and Compulsory Fees at http://www.mcs.edu/academics/financing-your-education/ current-fee-schedule/#more-1458. Most courses will have textbooks that you’ll need to purchase, as well. If you’re over 55, you qualify for our Mature Student discount.

Is there someone to help me if I run into trouble?

Yes. Your professor is always available to answer your questions about your assignments and course content. The Help Desk (via email and the discussion conference) is ready to solve your course technical issues 24/7. The Registrar’s Office will help you with program and course selection, and the library staff is available to help you access books and journals as you need them.

What programs are available at a Distance?
  • One year Certificate Programs
  • 2 Year Bachelor of Religious Education Program
  • 3 Year Ministerial Diploma Program
  • 4 Year Distance Education Bachelor of Theology Program
When can I get started?

Fall courses start at the beginning of September. Winter courses start at the beginning of January. Summer courses start at the beginning of May. For information on specific start dates, check our website.

Where can I get a list of Courses?

Check out the Master’s website for a list of the available courses each semester. Click on the Distance Education link at www.mcs.edu for all the details.

Who do I contact for more information?

Contact Jessica Nelder in the Admission’s office at 705-749-0725 x237 or by email at jessica.nelder@mcs.edu.

Who takes online courses at Master’s?

Our students live across the country, and work at a variety of jobs, both inside and outside of churches. They span a wide range of ages. Some are single, some are parents, and some are even grandparents. Their variety of experiences and circumstances enriches the learning for everyone!