Online Courses

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Personal Leadership Development (Online Course)
This course focuses on giving ministry and organizational leaders an opportunity to take inventory of their life and career experience in order to determine what phase of life they are in and what will be their next step or stage of leadership in the future. Participants will be involved in activities, inventories, reflection and assessments that will help them determine who they are, where they are now and where they want to be. Gleaning from their reflection on what they have learned in their experience, they will develop a life purpose statement and set a goal and action plan to get to the next place where they can live out their life and leadership in its fullness. There is a prior learning assessment option in this course that can help participants determine credit for learning experience that can transfer into the MCS Bachelor Completion Program.

Church Planting (Online Course)
The course is designed to provide the student with the experience of researching and planning a new church plant. The student will prepare a church planting proposal for a Canadian location, using real data. In addition to providing knowledge and skills, the course will guide the student through the steps of developing an actual proposal.

World Religions (Online Course)
This course introduces the student to the cultural and theological foundations of the world’s major religions. It examines the fundamental doctrines, belief systems, moral codes and organizational structuring particularly of those religions that are pertinent to the current cross-cultural ministry enterprise. The basic texts of certain religions will be taken for exegetical analysis. The worldview and moral codes emanating from the respective religions will be critically examined.

Gospel of John (Audio Course)
This course will take a detailed look into the Gospel of John. Particular attention will be given to both significance and uniqueness in its position among the other Gospels in the New Testament. The Gospel draws on the vast array of Old Testament imagery and Jewish context to communicate the significance of the person of Jesus in the story of Israel and his impact on the 1st century Roman world. Seeing the drama that unfolds in John gives important clues as to the profound effect of the life of Jesus on his contemporaries through the eyes of the Gospel writer. Application will be made to how the message of John contributes to our ongoing view of Jesus as the central figure for Christian faith and community.

Ephesians (Audio Course)
This course is an exegetical survey of Paul’s letter of Ephesians. The unique perspective offered is that Ephesians is the seminal letter of Paul where his large thoughts on the Trinity and God’s plan for humanity and creation are outlined. The letter will be placed in its historical context from both Jewish and Roman perspectives so as to understand the worldview Paul communicates concerning the new humanity that God the Father has given through Jesus Christ. Understanding how this new humanity plays out through the Spirit in God’s community will round out this survey with the goal of giving students a fuller and more cosmic view of letter.