Christian Ministry Certificate – Christian Studies – Campus

Christian Ministry Certificate (Christian Studies – Campus) (For those who started Fall 2016)

Fall Semester

Code Course Name Credit
BT1100 Pentateuch 3
BT1104 Bible 101 3
BT1304 Interpreting the Bible 3
GE1205 Canadian Society & Evangelism 3
PR1302 Spiritual Integration 3
PR1108 Connections I 1
PM119X Roots – Life & Ministry Dev I CR
Term Credits 16

Winter Semester

Code Course Name Credit
BT1204 Jesus and the Gospels 3
BT1306 God, Humans & Creation 3
GE1200 Cross-Cultural Studies 3
PR1204 Family, Church and Society 3
PR1303 Communicating Through Teaching 3
PR1109 Connections II 1
PM120X Roots – Life & Ministry Dev II CR
Term Credits 16
Total Credits 32

See Course Descriptions for additional information on each of the required courses in this program.