Commuter Students

A number of the upper-class students live off-campus within Peterborough or within commuting distance of the college. Though these students do not live at the campus, they participate in many of the campus activities such as the chapel services, sports, and social events. The Off-Campus Rep also plans a number of social activities throughout the semester so that these students can connect with each other.

Part-Time Residence Living

Commuters who would like to live part-time in residence can submit the Residence Application Form, along with full payment and a security deposit (See Current Fee Schedule for residence rates), which is refundable upon submission of an approved Key and Room Tracking Form.  Part-time residence rates do not include any meals. Students who want to purchase individual meals can do so at the cafeteria. An additional charge of $1.00 per night or $25.00 per month will apply if an overnight parking space is required. Check Off-Campus Housing for possible accommodations in the Peterborough area.

Off-Campus Housing

After completing first year, you can continue to live in residence or you can choose to live off campus in the Peterborough area. The “Housing Contact Discussion Conference”, which is located on Desire2Learn (D2L), can provide you with some off-campus housing possibilities.  If you do not have a user name and password to access D2L, contact Donna Haug in the Registrar’s Office to receive one.

Classified ads in the Peterborough Examiner and Kijiji can provide some additional assistance in locating possible accommodations. Students should note that Master’s DOES NOT review, maintain or endorse any off-campus accommodations and therefore they need to be diligent in ensuring the accuracy of any information that is located on these sites.