First Year Experience

At Master’s College and Seminary we have a saying: We Picture Change!

We believe that each person on earth has a God-given purpose to do amazing things and that Master’s College and Seminary can serve to help that purpose find footing. Our FIRST YEAR program allows for students after high school to investigate God’s call on their lives as emerging Spirit-filled leaders, specifically in the areas of vocational ministry. This program literally rebuilds us from the heart outward through a class on Spiritual Integration, a Cross-Cultural Studies course, which includes a trip to the Dominican Republic, local church involvement, a balanced course load, and more. At the end of FIRST YEAR, you may choose to continue with Master’s (in a diploma, Bachelor of Theology or Bachelor of Religious Education program), or head off to university, college or the work world. Whatever direction you choose, we picture change in your life, habits, and thinking as a result of this one year.

The change that we picture begins with students sensing and accepting God’s call and then living it out. We can’t wait to be a part of that story.

Highlights of FIRST YEAR

  • First semester begins with the Boot Camp Week Experience at our Peterborough Campus and Camp Medeba. Get to know your classmates and faculty and learn how the program works. Experience team building adventure activities, meaningful worship moments, and interactive learning pods.
  • Jump into your FIRST YEAR course titled Spiritual Integration, which will be taught in a two week module and includes a two-day spiritual solitude retreat.
  • Beginning in week 3 of the fall semester, you’ll start the 4 remaining courses (see table below).
  • Learn inside and outside of the classroom. Complete practical and research-based assignments.
  • Get connected with local Pentecostal pastors and leaders from our districts, our excellent faculty and your classmates. Make friends for life!
  • Experience retreats, peer learning groups and district events. Develop spiritual disciplines, self- awareness, critical thinking skills, and a servant heart.
  • Spend 10 days in the winter semester on a cross-cultural experience to the Dominican Republic while learning about missional studies.
  • Exit FIRST YEAR with ten courses that you can take into your second year at Master’s.

Fall Semester (subject to change)

Code Course
PR1302 Spiritual Integration (Two-Week Intensive)
BT1100 Pentateuch
BT1104 Bible 101
BT1304 Interpreting the Bible
GE1205 Canadian Society & Evangelism
PR1108 Connections I (8 weeks)
PM119X Roots- Life & Ministry Development I

Winter Semester (subject to change)

Code  Course
BT1204 Jesus and the Gospels
BT1306 Foundations of Theology
GE1200 Cross-Cultural Studies
PR1204 Family, Church & Society
PR1303 Communicating Through Teaching
PR1107 Connections II (8 weeks)
PM120X Roots- Life & Ministry Development II

Orientation Sessions

Each semester Master’s holds an orientation for all new students. In the Fall semester a full week is devoted to a variety of orientation sessions that are designed to acquaint students with life at Master’s. Parents are encouraged to take in the orientation sessions that are held on the Labour Day Sunday in September. The Orientation Schedule for Fall will be available here, approximately six weeks prior to the start of the Fall semester.

Though the Winter semester orientation session is somewhat condensed, its primary purpose remains the same and that is to acquaint new students with life at Master’s. The Orientation for the Winter semester will be available here, approximately six week prior to the start of the semester.