Student Experience

Master’s provides many opportunities for students to get involved. Whether you want to develop your leadership abilities, serve other students or the broader community, use your musical abilities or participate in sports, Master’s has a place for you. By getting involved you will not only have an opportunity of helping others but you will also be stretching yourself to become all that God wants you to become. Your involvement at Master’s will also open numerous opportunities for you to connect with, and be mentored by, faculty and staff, who are among your greatest supporters.  Students who are interested in getting involved in something that is not listed here are encouraged to approach the Director of Student Life to determine the feasibility of their ideas.

Leadership Opportunities

Student Council
The primary aim of the Student Council at Master’s is to enrich the lives of residential and commuter students by providing opportunities for building relationships, leadership development, spiritual formation, including ministry service and recreational activities. The Student Council also acts as the liaison between the students and the administration and faculty. In accomplishing its aims, the Student Council ensures that its activities enhance Christian maturity in keeping with the mission of Master’s.  Students are encouraged to use their leadership skills to make a positive difference in the lives of their fellow students, as well as the broader community, by becoming a member of Student Council.
Student Council elections are held in March for the upcoming academic year. Applications will be made available for various student leadership positions after the election of the Student Council President and Vice-President.

Resident Assistants (RAs)
Are you interested in ensuring that the students living in residence have an awesome experience? Do you enjoy helping others mature spiritually? Are you able to enforce community standards for the betterment of the community? If you answered yes to these questions, then you might want to consider becoming an RA. In your role as an RA, the relationships that you will develop, as well as help others develop, will last a lifetime. RAs play a pivotal role in building community at Master’s.
Applications for RAs positions will be available in March for the upcoming academic year.

Committee Involvement
Whether serving as chair of the Social Committee, the Sports Committee, the Student Mission Fellowship, the editor of the Yearbook, or one of the Class Committees, student leaders at Master’s do an amazing job of helping others. They are significantly involved in planning and executing major social events such as the Fall Fair, the Christmas Social, and the Graduation Banquet.

Students also contribute considerably to other committees such as Orientation Week, Chapel Planning Team, Prodigy Days, and Ignition and Fusion Days. Though these committees are generally chaired by a faculty member, the success of these committees is dependent on significant student involvement.

Students interested in serving as leaders of the student-based committees can submit an application form to the Director of Student Life during the Winter semester. After leaders have been determined, they will select students, in consultation with the Director of Student Life, to sit on these various committees. Involvement on the faculty-led committees is generally determined by the chair of the specific committee.  Applications for Student Leadership positions will be available in March after the Student Council elections.

Student Life Opportunities

In addition to the leadership opportunities available to students at Master’s, there are also many other opportunities for students to get involved. Whether you want to use your musical skills in chapel or on a weekend ministry team, your recreational abilities in one of the popular sports (e.g. volleyball, basketball, badminton or floor hockey) that are played each semester or use the Fitness Room or you simply want to help someone in need (e.g. Student Missions Fellowship), we encourage you to explore the many possibilities that are available at Master’s. Students also have opportunities to participate in a number of PAOC District-sponsored events throughout the semester.

Please note that to be considered for a Chapel Ministry Team, you must be an active student with a GPA of 2.25 and successfully complete an audition.
Selection for these musical teams will occur in September. Details will be available later.

Check with the Director of Student Life for additional information on any of the other Student Life opportunities that are listed.