Transfer Credits

Transfer credits can work both ways. Depending on the institution where you completed your courses, you may receive transfer credits or advanced standing at Master’s for the courses that you completed prior to coming to Master’s. Depending on where you want to go after leaving Master’s, you may receive transfer credits or advanced standing for the courses or program you completed while at Master’s.

Receiving Transfer Credits at Master’s

Master’s will recognize previous studies for transfer of credit or advanced standing, provided such studies were completed at a recognized college or university. (See additional information below for courses completed at non-accredited institutions.) Applicants desiring advanced standing on the basis of previous work must submit a Regular Application Form and have official transcripts sent directly to the Registrar’s Office from the institution where the credits were earned. The following stipulations will be used in determining the number of transfer credits that will be provided:

  • Evidence of honourable dismissal from all other schools is required.
  • The student must have a minimum grade of C or its equivalent in the course(s) to be transferred.
  • To be transferable, a course must be equivalent or near equivalent of Master’s course requirements, or fit within the maximum number of elective hours in the particular program selected.
  • Students from ABHE (Association of Biblical Higher Education) accredited schools will receive full credit for equivalent courses provided grades earned were C or above and that the courses parallel requirements outlined in the program selected.
  • If the school is non-accredited, a transfer student, upon successful completion of one year at Master’s (achieving a minimum GPA of 2.00 in their first 30 hours of study) may receive transfer of credit for their previous studies in which a grade of C or better was achieved. Such transfer of credit will depend upon a review of the course syllabi, faculty credentials, and other information that may be requested by the Registrar’s Office.
  • Grades for credits transferred will not appear on the transcript; nor will they be considered in the calculation of a student’s GPA.
  • Students wishing to graduate from Master’s must complete at least 30 credit hours at Master’s.


Receiving Transfer Credits at Other Institutions for Courses Completed at Master’s

Each educational institution determines how many (or how few) transfer credits they will provide for courses completed at another institution. Receiving transfer credits at another ABHE-accredited institution is generally fairly straight forward, providing you have received the minimum final grade of C and the course is similar to the courses required in the your program or the courses can transfer as electives.

Bible College students typically have met with mixed results when applying for transfer credits at universities. Some universities are very open to providing transfer credit for courses completed at accredited Bible Colleges; others are very reluctant to do so.  You will probably meet with more success in obtaining transfer credits if you achieve higher grades at Master’s (some universities will require a final grade of B, rather than C, to provide transfer credits) and if you transfer into a program that is related at least somewhat to the humanities or a similar area.

We recommend that, prior to requesting transfer credits from an institution, you familiarize yourself with their Transfer Credit policy. Be prepared to provide an official transcript, course descriptions (which are available in the College Catalogue) and course syllabi. If you maintain copies of your own syllabi, you can generally send them an electronic copy; if not, check with the Registrar’s Office for copies of syllabi. Having higher grades could also be significant since universities are always on the look-out for bright, articulate students. Also check with the Registrar’s Office here at Master’s to determine if they are aware of previous students from Master’s receiving transfer credits at the institution you want to attend.