Who We Are


Master’s mission is to create a learning community that provides programs and services which equip Pentecostal leaders for ministry.


Master’s College and Seminary will be the institution of choice in Eastern Canada for those seeking Pentecostal training to serve in Christian ministry.

Institutional Values

Master’s College and Seminary regards these values as integral to its success. We will never compromise on these values simply to be successful.

Community – we value a relationally motivated ethos supported by a caring and encouraging environment; a deep sense of belonging and personhood among all students; a friendly family feeling on campus
Connection – we value living with a servant-minded mentality where we strive to honour and love each other above ourselves; an integrated and experiential learning environment where diversity of thought and perspective is encouraged; a diverse school for diverse students for diverse situations; an others-centred stewardship of our time, talents, and treasurers
Collaboration – we value opportunities to network with our districts, our Board leadership, our churches, and our community leaders for ministry development
Character – we value integrity and honesty in every aspect of life and leadership; Spirit-led, transformational, spiritual experiences that shape a Christ-honouring world-view (being practical Pentecostals); providing a wholistic pathway to full Christian maturity within a committed community of believers; “we picture change”
Creative – we value an innovative, forward thinking, entrepreneurial, and enabling environment; mobilizing reflective practitioners as agents of change for intentional, strategic, and practical approaches to leadership; adaptable and flexible perspective on Pentecostal ministry in Canada and around the world