Contact Us / Directions

Address: 780 Argyle Street, Peterborough, ON K9H 5T2
Phone: (705) 749-0725
Toll Free: 1 (800) 295-6368
Fax: 1 (705) 749-0417

Lead Team

Rich Janes President Ext. 254
Chris Chase Communications Strategist & Campus Pastor/Community Relations Ext. 243
Linda Gibson Vice-President Institutional Effectiveness Ext. 223
Luc Lombardi Director of Leadership Development & Distance Education Ext. 224
Merv Anthony Dean of Educational Services Ext. 236
Peter Neumann Academic Dean Ext. 257
Robin Adair Director of Corporate Services Ext. 246


Amelia Taylor Director of Student Life Ext. 238
Ben Cochrane Finance Manager Ext. 245
Ruth Sadlier Director of Learning Resources Ext. 248
Wendy Holmes Director of Academic Success Centre


Eldon Wright Director of Youth Ministry Program Ext. 226
Graham Gibson Faculty/General Studies Ext. 227
Josh Samuel Faculty/Bible and Theology Ext. 242
Owen Black Director of Pastoral Ministry Program & Field Education Ext. 229

Support Staff

Ali Malott Student Life Assistant
Amber Webb Assistant to the Director of Learning Resources Ext. 248
Donna Haug Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Educational Services 
Interim Financial Aid Officer
Ext. 241
Esther Dillabough Executive Assistant to the Academic Dean
the VP Institutional Effectiveness
Ext. 240
Jessica Nelder Recruiting and Admissions Counselor Ext. 237
Julie Sejrup Finance Clerk Ext. 253
Katelyn Mueller Administrative Assistant to the President’s Office
and the Communications Strategist
Kathie Quinn Executive Assistant to the President &
Director of Corporate Services
Ext. 256
Laura Wilson Administrative Assistant to the Academic Office Ext. 255
Rosemary Assels Receptionist/Alumni Office Facilitator Ext. 221